3 Tips Get Enough Room For A Growing Family When Buying A Home

Living in a rental and starting a family can make things a little tricky because you may start to outgrow your home in a short time frame. Buying a house gives you the ability to solve this problem, but you will need to consider your family's growing needs to make the right choice.

To make sure that you get enough room, you should put most of your attention into certain features, rooms, and qualities while shopping for a single-family home.

Shared Areas

The shared areas are where your family will spend a considerable amount of time. Since you may know that your family will be growing for a while, you must prioritize shared areas that can accommodate your current family and more to avoid ending up with spaces that feel cramped.

While getting a large entryway and kitchen can help with accommodating a large and growing family, you should pay the closest attention to the living room and dining room. These are the shared areas that you want to make sure everyone in your family can spend time comfortably.


Getting several bathrooms should be considered a necessity because trying to get by with one bathroom in a large family will lead to problems down the line. Using the toilet, taking a shower, brushing teeth, and washing hands are things that everyone in your family will do regularly.

This makes it worth prioritizing full bathrooms over half bathrooms as multiple family members will be able to take a bath or shower at the same time.


When you look at home listings, you will find a lot of properties that range between three and four bedrooms. While you may like the idea of living in a house with five or six bedrooms so that you can give each kid their own room, you should not make this a top priority. Getting other things such as an attic, basement, and attached garage can provide you with alternative solutions.

One of the best things that you can do is get an unfinished basement and make it your goal to add new bedrooms to the space as your family grows larger. This kind of house makes it possible to guarantee privacy for your children because they will grow up with their own bedroom.

If you are willing to make certain demands and priorities when buying a home, you can look forward to your family growing larger and accommodating them well.