Documents To Confirm When Closing A Home Purchase Deal

Closing is the final stage in a real estate deal where the buyer gains possession of the house. The closing is your last chance to confirm that everything is above board with the deal and you are getting your money's worth. As such, you must confirm critical documents related to the purchase. Below are some of the documents to confirm.

Certificate of Title

A home seller uses the certificate of title to confirm that they have the right to sell the property. This confirmation is necessary because you only have the right to sell property whose title you hold. Thus, you can use the certificate to seek legal redress against the seller if you later learn that they lied about their ownership rights.

The certificate of title does not guarantee that the title is free and clear. The seller might give you a certificate of title even though the property has title errors, such as unrecorded lines. The only way to confirm whether a title is free and clear is to conduct a title search.

Title Deed

Some people confuse the certificate of title and the title deed, probably since both reference the title, but they are different. The certificate is just a declaration of the seller's right to sell the property. The title deed is the actual document that transfers the property's ownership from the seller to the buyer. Thus, you don't own the property until you receive the title deed.

Mechanic's Liens

Many people renovate or repair their houses before selling them. Some buyers also request repairs after inspections. A mechanic's lien confirms that the seller doesn't owe money to contractors or laborers who renovated the property. The document allows you to buy the house knowing contractors won't ask you for their fees once you assume the property's ownership.

Bill of Sale

Lastly, you should see a bill of sale for items you negotiated to buy along with the house. For example, a homeowner is not obligated to give you their storage shed when they sell you their house. However, some people negotiate such transactions separately. If the sale includes the shed, the seller should sign a bill of sale that bequeaths you the shed.

The above are just a few examples of the documents to check; your realtor will advise you on everything you need to check. Hopefully, everything will go well with the sale, and you will appreciate the purchase. For more information, contact a company like McComas Residential.