Things A Real Estate Agent Does To Sell Your House Quicker

When you decide to put your home up for sale, you want to sell it as quickly as possible so you can move on with your life. But the process of selling a home can be time-consuming, and working with a real estate agent is often the best way to get top dollar for your property.

But what does a real estate agent do to help you sell your home faster? Read on to learn more.

Advertise Your Home on Multiple Platforms

A real estate agent will list your home on their website and market your property on other websites that sell homes in your area. This ensures that most potential buyers who are looking for a home in your area will see your listing.

In addition, your agent will post signs around your neighborhood and share your listing with their sphere of influence (SOI), a network of people they know who may be interested in buying a home.

They may also hold an open house so potential buyers can come and take a look at your property. This way, you have more people looking at your home, which increases the chances of someone making an offer.

Help You Set the Right Price

Your real estate agent will do a comparative market analysis (CMA) to help you determine the right price for your home. The CMA compares your home to similar homes that have recently sold in your area, so you can price your home competitively. An experienced real estate agent is well-versed in such pricing techniques, so they can help you price your home to sell quickly without leaving money on the table.

Pricing your home too high will result in few showings and no offers while pricing it too low will sell it quickly but leave you with less money than you could have made. An experienced real estate agent will help you find that sweet spot so you can sell your home quickly and for the most money possible.

Your agent will also help you understand pricing psychology, so you know how to price your home to generate the most interest. For example, listing your home at $399,000 is more likely to generate interest than listing it at $400,000 because it seems like a better deal.

While the difference may seem small, it can significantly affect how quickly your home sells. It's actually a psychological tactic that real estate agents use to sell homes quickly. It registers as a price below the $400,000 mark, which makes it more attractive to potential buyers.

Remember that most buyers typically start their search online and use price as one of their main filters. By listing your home at a slightly lower price, you're more likely to get buyers to click on your listing. And once they're interested in your property, they're more likely to schedule a showing.

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