How to Buy a House If You Have No Credit

It is a lot easier to qualify for a mortgage loan if you have a great job and excellent credit, but there are ways to buy a house even if you do not have any credit. Without credit, it might be a little harder to do, but there are some tips that may help you buy a house if you currently have no credit at all.

Prove your financial state in other ways

Without a credit history, it is very hard to prove that you are creditworthy, yet this factor is important to lenders. If you cannot prove you are creditworthy through your credit history and report, you might be able to prove it in other ways. For example, do you have proof that you have paid your rent on time for the last two years? Do you have copies of utility bills for the last couple of years that show you have never made a late payment? If you can prove that you have always paid your bills on time, you might be able to convince a lender to approve a loan for you.

Consider an FHA loan

One of the best types of loans you could consider choosing is an FHA loan, as this type is often the easiest to qualify for if you have bad credit. An FHA loan is a type of loan that typically does not require having great credit, and it also does not usually require putting down a lot of money for the down payment. To learn the specifics of FHA loans, you would need to contact a mortgage broker or lender.

Use an alternative method for buying a house

Another thing you could do is use an alternative method to buy a house. One such option is to buy a house through a lease-to-own program. With this option, you do not need to get a loan to buy a house. Instead, the person selling the house acts as the lender in the agreement, and you pay your mortgage payments to him or her. If you choose this option, you should consider getting a loan or some credit cards to help build your credit so that you can eventually have an easier time qualifying for a loan.

While it might require more work to buy a house without credit, it is possible. If you have questions about this, talk to a real estate agent in your city, and start looking at homes for sale today.