A Few Things To Take Into Consideration When Looking For New Office Space To Lease

If your small business is outgrowing your current office space, you'll want to start looking for a new place a few months before your current lease is up. This gives you plenty of time to scout out a new location and settle on terms of a new lease. Finding a new place for your business takes a lot of thought because you want a place that is convenient and safe for your employees and clients as well as a place that is good value for your money. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Consider Parking Availability

You don't want to lease a new place based on price alone. An inexpensive office space might not have some important things you need, like ample parking. Convenient parking is essential for your clients, and it is also important for your employees so they don't have to struggle to find a place to park every morning. In addition, think about the employees that need to use public transportation or a bicycle to get to work. An office space in the suburbs might be less expensive, but it could also be harder for employees to come to work.

Think About Security Features

You want your employees and your office equipment to be safe. Find out if the place you're considering has an excellent security system. Alarms, security cameras, and window protection might save your computers and other valuables from being stolen after hours when the building is vacant. Find out if you have options for adding your own security systems if you would feel more comfortable with additional security measures.

Learn What You're Responsible For

When you are negotiating your commercial office leasing, you'll want to know if the building will be leased in the same condition or if it will be painted and cleaned before you move in. You'll want to know what's included in the lease and what you'll need to pay extra for. Additional expenses could include things such as pest control, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and minor repairs.

Understand The Terms Of The Lease

It's important to learn about the terms of the lease and understand them before you sign. For instance, find out what happens if your business runs into financial problems and is late on a lease payment. Also, you want to know if you can break the lease early if needed and what kind of penalties you'll have to pay. Even if you don't anticipate problems over the life of your lease, you should still understand all the terms so you can compare the different lease offers you'll encounter as you look at commercial office spaces for rent.