Trust Your Real Estate Agent's Advice On These Potentially Dated Elements

Every homeowner can get attached to certain items in his or her home, especially if he or she has owned these things for a while. Although you might love how they look, this isn't an opinion that everyone will share — and it's one that could cost you when you're trying to sell your property. It's a good practice to ask your real estate agent to provide honest feedback about whether any of the elements inside your home are dated. If you decide to ask, be open to how the agent responds. Remember, he or she is giving you feedback that is in the best interest of selling your home as close to your desired asking price as possible. Here are some elements that could potentially be outdated and require replacing.


The curtains in your home's various rooms can often survive various remodeling projects, which can leave them looking a little dated to those who may be interested in buying. On their own, dated curtains won't necessarily derail a sale. However, if your listing stipulates that the curtains are included, anyone interested in submitting an offer will be thinking about the work involved with removing them right away. If your real estate agent suggests that your curtains are an eyesore — perhaps they're plaid or an unappealing off-white shade that is partially sun bleached — plan to replace them.

Paint Colors

Some homes have rooms that are painted in colors that many people view as dated. This can be an issue when you're selling, as people will be anticipating the effort and expense of repainting these rooms. You might like your powder room in its dusty rose hue from the 1990s, but you're probably in the minority with this opinion. Or, you may think that your hunter green master bedroom looks stylish, but there will be lots of shoppers who will view this color as dated. Updating this look can be advantageous before the home hits the market.

Carpet Styles

Although many modern homes don't have any carpet in any of the rooms, there are still lots of homeowners who appreciate the softness of carpet underfoot. If your carpet is relatively new, it's probably not an issue — although a professional cleaning may be a good idea. However, older carpet can look dated, especially if it's a shaggy style that many home buyers won't want to keep. Consult your agent; it may be a smart investment to replace the carpet promptly.

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