Buying A Starter Home? Consider Potential Scenarios That Are Often Overlooked

Whenever you make a large purchase, you should put a lot of thought into your decision. So, when you decide that is it time to buy a starter home, this process should involve a lot of research and analysis. It is easy to overlook certain details by acknowledging that you are just buying a starter home. But, you should make it your goal to inspect every important detail because it will likely be your home for several years. You may not know what will happen in the future so it is better to keep possible scenarios in mind.

School System

It might be your intention to buy a starter home and raise a baby and toddler while there. This means you do not have to worry about the school system because you can just move by the time your child needs to go to school. But, you may not be able to buy a different home in the time that you originally planned. Another possibility is not finding a home within your budget in the areas with excellent school systems. The best way to handle this situation is to at least look for a good school system for your starter home.


With you and your spouse only needing a master bedroom, you may think that it is perfectly fine to buy a two-bedroom home. This may work out for a while, but things can change quickly. It is often better to play it safe with a three-bedroom home in case your life situation takes an unexpected turn. For instance, a family member might want to move in for several months or you may end up having multiple kids. An extra bedroom will keep you from feeling like you must sell the home even if you are not ready.


The bathroom situation is complicated because one of these rooms may seem like enough. But, you will likely invite family and friends over in the following years and want to have a bathroom with full privacy. This means prioritizing homes that have a master bathroom as well as a main one is ideal. If you stay in the home for a long time and your kids are in school, you will appreciate having a second bathroom. This will prevent you from having to wait your turn to use the bathroom because it is occupied by your child.

These details are easy to overlook, especially when going in with the mindset of buying a starter home, but acknowledging them will help you make a purchase that satisfies you for years to come. Talk with real estate agents in your area for more information.