Temporary Property Management: How To Get Someone To Cover Your Job While You're Away

When you work as an onsite property manager, you are never off-duty. There is always a an endless list of calls to return, problems with apartments that need fixing or addressing and rental units that need to be cleaned, shown and rented. If you can get away, you need to find someone to cover your job first. Here is how you can finally get away on vacation and know that your job back home is in good hands.

Hire Temporary Rental Property Manager Services

Real estate agencies often offer rental property manager services. You can secure these services on a full-time basis or on a temporary basis. You may need to get your boss's permission first, since the person covering for you will have to be paid for his/her time and the work that he/she does in your absence. The temporary help will alleviate your boss's worries that someone is covering the property while also providing you with a much needed break.

Some  temp agencies may also have some worthwhile candidates for property management, especially if the majority of your duties are strictly office-related. You may be able to hire two temps through the temp agency to handle the bulk of the jobs you do. One temp could handle the office work while the other handles all of the maintenance and property/yard work.

See If an Assistant Can Do It

If you already have an office assistant, see if your office assistant can temporarily manage the property and the responsibilities while you are away. In most cases, the property owners would prefer that office assistants be the ones to fill in for the property managers, since the office assistants already know most of the routines and the business. If your office assistant can do the job, and your boss has no disagreements with the arrangement, be sure to leave a detailed list of duties for your assistant to complete while you are gone. Then you will not have to worry about these duties when you return.

Worse Comes to Worst, Your Boss Does It

Property owners were once property managers like Exit Shoreline Realty, at least most of them were. If you cannot secure a real estate agency's services, a temp's services or help from your assistant, maybe your boss can be persuaded to do the work for a week. After all, the rental property is his/hers anyway, and he/she would be the one to whom renters would be paying rent and asking questions.