3 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home To Make It More Appealing To Buyers

Real estate experts believe that the lighting in a house has a huge impact on the way potential buyers view homes for sale and on the offers made on these homes. This means that part of the staging process you complete should involve steps that make your home lighter and brighter. By taking the right steps, you might be able to help people view your home more positively, and this could result in a faster sale and a higher offer. Here are some options you have that may help you achieve this.

Open up the window treatments before all showings

The simplest way to make a home brighter is by opening the window treatments. Before each showing, go through every room in your home and open the curtains and blinds. This will allow natural light to come through, which will result in a lighter, brighter house. Keep in mind that doing this will allow potential buyers to see your windows, so you may want to take some time and clean all of them before listing your home. Opening your window treatments is a free way to make a house brighter, but this step may not be enough, especially for showings that take place in the evening hours.

Replace all your bulbs with higher-wattage bulbs

One common way homeowners conserve energy is by using light bulbs that are not as bright as they could be. Lower-wattage bulbs are cheaper to use, but they do not offer as much light. While you may not have to replace every bulb in your home, you should replace the bulbs in any rooms that appear somewhat dim to you. Once you do this, the higher-wattage bulbs will give off more light, and this will improve the looks of dim rooms. When you have showings scheduled, you should turn on all the lights in your house before the viewers arrive. This is especially important for rooms that have hard-to-find light switches.

Repaint rooms that have dark-colored paint

The most expensive step you may need to take to brighten up your home is repainting. Repainting your entire home can be a good selling point, but for brightness purposes you will only need to repaint rooms that have dark-colored paint. This is important for any room in your home, but you should make sure you do this in any small rooms. For example, if you have a half-bath in your house that is painted a dark color, the dark color of the paint will make it appear smaller than what it is. If you repaint this room with a bright white or beige, it will make the room appear bigger.

When people view your home, they might be turned off if your rooms are dim and drab. To make sure this is not a hindrance to them, take the time to brighten up your home with these tips. A real estate agent can offer you additional tips if needed.