Selling Your Home Soon? 5 Frugal Cosmetic Fixes To Help Your Home Sell Faster

Getting a home ready to sell often takes both cash and hard work, but the reward for doing so is often more interest from qualified buyers and a faster, better sale experience. Sometimes, however, homeowners find that the amount of cash and time available to make these cosmetic improvements is limited. If you are a homeowner working to get your home on the market or planning to do so soon, the following tips will help you use inexpensive, readily available interior paint to improve and beautify your home and make it shine on the real estate market. 

Making rooms seem bigger and better

A fresh coat of paint is one of the least expensive ways in which homeowners can create a new look without doing invasive renovations. Applying it is fast and forgiving, making it a perfect DIY project, even for beginners. If a mistake is made, all it takes to fix it is another coat and a bit more time. Some good ideas for using paint to get your home ready for market include: 

  • repainting old, dark cabinets in the kitchen to make them look like new
  • repainting the kitchen ceiling and walls to get rid of stains and spots
  • painting bathroom walls and cabinetry in white or very light colors to make the room seem larger and help to better reflect any natural light available
  • repainting children's rooms to hide crayon marks and scuffs
  • repainting to neutralize bold color choices that may not appeal to prospective buyers

Making low ceilings look higher

If your home has low ceilings in one or more rooms, the creative use of paint can be helpful in making them appear much higher without spending money on extensive renovations. A good way to do this is to use a light color paint for the ceilings and bring it down several inches onto the walls. A contrasting color band is used at the point where the ceiling and wall colors meet to highlight this area. Doing this draws the eye upward and helps to create the image of additional height. 

Making odors disappear

Another way in which paint can be the homeowner's best friend when it comes time to ready a home for the market is to use paint to help rid the home of persistent odors. To do this, select a paint and primer made specifically to absorb odors and use these products in areas of the home that tend to harbor odors, such as where kitty litter boxes are located, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and any areas of the home where cigarettes or cigars were smoked. 

For more ideas on preparing your home for sale quickly, easily, and frugally, ask your real estate professional to tour your home with you a few weeks before the actual listing date. They can spot issues and offer suggestions for solutions to help you make sure your home offers maximum appeal for qualified buyers. Visit websites like to learn more.