When The Market Is Tough, Here Are Some Ways To Sell A Home

When the market is booming for sellers, you can often put a home on the market and have several offers within days. But what if the market in your area is slow? Homes are sitting for weeks without offers, and you're worried the same will happen when you list yours. There is no way to absolutely guarantee that it won't, but there are some ways to help increase the chances of a prompt offer. 

Make sure the front door and yard make a good first impression.

In a market where there are more homes than buyers, you need to make sure yours stands out. A good way to do this is to make a good first impression — and a good way to make a first impression is with a pristine front door and front yard. Give your door a coat of paint if it is chipping, or consider replacing the door if it's in really poor shape. Hire a landscaping team to make sure the front yard looks perfect and fresh. You don't want any weeds or dead bushes.

Advertise far and wide.

Make sure the real estate agent you hire takes a diverse advertising approach. You don't want them to only use social media or only rely on signs. They should advertise in newspapers, on their own website, on other real estate websites, with signs, and by sharing information about your home directly with other agents. The wider they cast the advertising net, the more interested buyers you will reach.

Put anything extra into storage.

Buyers want a home that immediately feels like it could be their own. If your home is filled with personal items like souvenirs, photos of your kids, and jackets hanging on hooks, it will feel very personalized, and it may not appeal to buyers. Rent a storage unit, and put anything non-essential in that unit. It is better for the home to look empty than to look overly cluttered.

Price it fairly.

There are all sorts of games that you can play when selling a house. You can over-price it to appeal to buyers who want to make a lower offer and feel like they got a good deal. You can under-price it in hopes that you'll get several offers and can bid them up. But when the market is really tough, the best approach is an honest one. List the home at the price the real estate agent says it is likely worth. You don't want to turn anyone off or put a buyer through negotiations that may ultimately lead them to back out.

When the market is tough, following the tips above will help you sell effectively. Turn to a real estate agent for more advice.