Selling A Home With A Pool? Don't Let Your Backyard Oasis Be A Buyer Deterrent

You see your pool as one of the top advantages of your property, so if you are like a lot of homeowners when they decide to sell, you will assume that just having the pool will automatically put your real estate listing at the top of the list. However, even though a pool can be a good bonus to have listed in your property amenities as a seller, having a pool can also turn some buyers off. Therefore, selling your home with a pool can be a little harder than you expect. Take a look at a few things you can do to ensure the pool that you have on your property is a home listing highlight and not a deterring factor. 

Make sure the pool is well maintained and updated. 

An old pool that is in disrepair or non-functional will definitely be something that will turn buyers off when you are trying to sell your home. Just as buyers do not want to buy a home that has to have major upgrades inside the house, they usually shy away from properties that have things that will have to be immediately fixed or updated on the property itself. So before you list your home with a pool for sale, it is well worth the time and investment to do things like:

  • installing a new pool liner
  • updating the plaster 
  • installing a new pump 
  • making general repairs

Fill the pool and get it ready for pictures and home showings. 

Before you create the listing for your home with a pool, make sure your backyard oasis is ready for this big photo opportunity. Fill the pool, make sure the water is clean and pristine, and generally ensure the pool looks inviting and attractive. Likewise, the pool should be ready for display when you schedule a home showing. There is nothing that can turn a buyer off more than a pool that s either unfilled or filled with dirty water. 

Make sure the pool is safely enclosed or protected. 

If you have a home with a pool, there is a chance that buyers with smaller children will not be interested simply because of safety concerns. You can help minimize the number of families you turn off with your listing by making sure the pool is properly enclosed with a lockable gate, contains a safety cover, or otherwise beefing up the safety features that the pool has.