Consider These Pros And Cons Before Buying A Home On The Lake

Who hasn't dreamed of owning a home on the lake? You wake up in the morning and enjoy a beautiful view of the waterfront. In the summer, you can relax in your own yard, watching the waves slowly roll in and out. But while owning a lake home sounds grand and luxurious, it does have its drawbacks. Make sure you consider both the pros and the cons before making a serious offer on a lake house.

Pro: You won't have to leave your property for entertainment.

Whether you're home alone or entertaining guests, you'll have plenty to do on your own property. You can enjoy a campfire on the waterfront, walk along the beach, grill on the lake, or just sit and watch the water. This may save you money in the long-run since you may be doing these activities instead of ones that you'd pay for -- like going to the movies or out to dinner. Plus, guests will want to visit your home since you have such a nice lake view.

Pro: You'll have an easy time selling.

If you ever do decide to sell your lake home, you should not have a hard time finding a buyer. There's always a high demand for lake houses, and they're usually a good investment, too. Even finding a renter for a year or two should be easy should you need to move temporarily for work or other obligations.

Con: There's some extra maintenance involved.

Thanks to all of the moisture in the air, lake houses tend to wear a bit faster than homes located further in from the lake. You may have to paint your house a bit more often and be better about sealing your wooden fence each spring. If you're not a fan of home maintenance projects, lake house living might not be for you. Then again, you can certainly hire contractors to take care of these tasks if your budget allows for it.

Con: The temperature can be less desirable.

In the spring, the temperature near the lake tends to stay cooler for longer than it does inland. This is because the lake is still so cold. In the winter, it also tends to be colder along the lake due to breezes coming off the cold water. If you already feel cold all of the time, you may want to live a bit further from the lake.

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